Saturday, May 5, 2007

Spiderman 3: Put down something is the start of something.

Yesterday just watch the blockbuster movie, Spiderman 3, at Mahkota Parade. The online tickets reservation were full for so days, so I and my friends have to buy at the counter, and sat at the first row.

<!-This is not the full spoiler, but for those who serious with this movie and want to remain surprise, stop continue reading.-->


"Can a man confront the forces of darkness without giving in to them?" Although 77% of people said can(the data from Spiderman 3 website), included me, but only the man who undergo such stress can feel and understand it.

This time, Spiderman 3 storyline is not as good as previous one. Peter Parker at last together with his in love girl friend, Marry Jane(MJ). This is what I like to see, kind of pity of him in the first 2 episodes. The technology and visual experience has upgraded, the coolest part is when Spiderman saving the police daughter from the collapse building hit by lost controlled crane. What say you?

Spiderman was took over by the dark suit which give him extra strength. This is the main part of this story, that let me discuss in myself: Can a man confront the forces of darkness without giving in to them?


The villains who appear in this episode is the most numbers, compare to first 2 episodes which has only 1 villain per episode. First villain is Harry Osborn, Peter best friend, who always want to revenge to Spiderman who he thought Spiderman killed his father.


Second villain is Sandman, a biological mutated human who accidentally felt into an experiment instrument. He can change into sand, and flow to wherever he want.


Last villain is a virus from outerspace. That virus will have a mutual relation with the host, giving the host extra power and strength, but make him lose his mind.smvillains01

What not satisfy me in this movie.
The villains in this story. Very illogic. The biological mutated sandman can change into any shape and back into human form anytime. This is something like the upcoming mutated movie-Fantastic 4, which is much more shit. Someone who study biology please explain the possibility of happening this?!

The virus from outer space that abandoned by Spiderman take over another poor fellow Eddie Brock who always want to kill Peter, as he caused him lose job. This is ok, what's not ok is, when the virus took over him, he has the Spiderman ability to shot out spider web! What the heck is that?!

What I feel so satisfy.
Peter found his love, and almost been together. The romantic part is watching meteor rain on the spider web with Marry Jane. Sometimes has a childish imagination: how good if I can fly like Spiderman, swing from building to building, saving and protecting a girl that I love.


Harry Osborn, who was his best friends for live, found out that Peter is Spiderman, and want to kill him to give his father honor, using a lot of dirty way, threat MJ to leave Peter, stab him from the back, until his house keeper told him that his father was killed by his own glider.(he is the one who clean his father's body)

The theme of this story surrounding one value, put down something, is the start of something.

Beginning, Peter was so ego and self satisfying that everyone like Spiderman, and never care about MJ's feeling, even she was fired from Broadway, but he don't know. Until she leave him, he realize something more important.

  1. He gave up his ego, and be together with MJ.
  2. He also gave up the evil dark suit which give him extra strength, but make him lose his mind.
  3. He gave up to kill his uncle's murderer, the sandman(wonder why? Watch the movie and you will know), and forgive him.
  4. Harry Osborn, who at first want to kill Spiderman, and at last put it down and turn out to help Spiderman to save their beloved MJ. And Harry sacrificed to save his best friend, Peter.

It is wonderful to let go some burdens, which can't make you feel happy, even you achieved those targets. This make the movie worth to watch.

Last but not least, see original, buy original, be smart.

Anybody watch already? Come and share some thought.

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freethinker said...

Too many plots thrown in without much development....

Didn't really enjoy it... though I find Peter dancing on street in 70's style was hilarious... otherwise OVERHYPE

hungheykwun said...

read the comic. the parasitic alien life form bonded with spiderman's dna . thats why venom has spiderman's abilities n looks a bit like him

vhanded said...

Ya, agree with the plots. That plots enough to shot for 2 episodes.

Oh... I didnt read the comic, thanks for the info. But not only ability, venom even mimic the costume!

anthraxxxx said...

Comic strips are entitled to be illogical and are meant to be taken with a pinch of salt.

FL Sam said...

Tks for stopping by and commenting at my blog. I agreed with you that we should see original, buy original. Try booking @ Summit USJ THX but phone booking full.

Ivan said...

What Virus? It called Symbiote la... haiyo...
the film didn't explain too much, if you read the novelization will much more better, the film just excitement on action and those CGI parts...
I agree you that storyline not well cause the film made it short, so it is run like bullettrain without full explaination.
Actually this 3rd installment more focus on LOVE theme, and the plot try to make every single character having unhappinest background, but now it smashes box office, what can we say it not good anymore?
I just rate it 4.5 of 5 stars!!!

vhanded said...

Ivan: Haiyo, I am not a comic reader la! Everybody who post comments here just critic me... Just read a news that Spiderman 3 earn USD148million in first 3 days, crazy amount.

Keropok Man said...

watch it last sunday.

heard that going to have more spidey 4 5 and 6!

vhanded said...

Nice? If there is really 4 5 and 6, I would be happy to watch it!

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