Monday, May 28, 2007

Malaysian can again receive money from PayPal

Previous days, I busy moving my stuff from Melaka MMU Campus to Cyberjaya Campus. My new house is cool, and cold.(no direct sunshine onto the wall of my house).

But what I write today is not because of my new house, is because after 4 days didn't try to accept my payment from PayPal, today I found that PayPal recover the stupid error and Malaysian can again receive money online! Wow!(Maybe a lot of people knew that, just 4 days didn't online made me outdated...)

There are 6 payment pending in that mantainance period, all during that period, my mood to write sponsored post significantly bad, and don't feel like want to write. But now, I feel like want to write more and make get myself some cool stuff!

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hcfoo said...

finally the problem is solved. Can't believe they can make such mistake.

vhanded said...

Maybe is not a mistake but just an side error that occur while maintenance. However, for a giant company like PayPal, they shouldn't make that mistake and let it delay for almost 3 weeks!

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