Sunday, May 20, 2007

My New Template: Stupid cat and mice.

After about 5 months of blogging, I already felt boring with my "1001010111001" template, and I always want to try a new look, but always not enough time to create one. Now, my final exam finished, and I have plenty of time to do all I like!

Stupid cat and mice
This new template is called Stupid cat and mice. Why? I love cats, any types of cats, but I prefer normal cat that appears every where like restaurants and roadside. Why stupid? Just because I never seen cat catch a mice before.

Emina BBQ 073
Green eyes cat at Pantai Kundur, Melaka.

Inspired by JasonMumble's blog
Jason's blog is run by Jingga Man (or Orange Man), so I decide to put a series of stupid cat and mice on the left side. With Macromedia Flash, I draw out the cats, mouse, cheese, and mouse trap. Then rearrange it in Photoshop and upload to Flickr.

Like my previous template, the main colors are white and orange, and for this time, and I remained the color. The width of the template readjusted to fit a new header and side decoration bar, and it looks fine under 1024x768 resolution display. Until now, I didn't try on other display yet, as I have only this 3 years old ultra slow laptop to do everything. If there is any miss align of the component, please tell me, will thanks a lot.

How you think about it?

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Kleio the Muse said...

Nice :D You can draw very well. I like this template, but I think it would look much better still if there's Header Pic on top. Or are you in the midst of drawing that up too?

By the way, are you using beta blogger or the or version. If you are using beta how come you can manage to change the look of your template so easily? Can share the info. I am using beta and now I am so stuck with the boring template. Wish I could change the Header pic on top of my blog :(

Kleio the Muse said...

Oops, just saw that awesome and cute Header Pic of yours pop up after a refresh of my browser. Something must not be loading quite right just now.

Now your template looks awesome and complete.

vhanded said...

haha, thanks for your comment. I am using beta blogger too(now it's no more beta, it's official). About the tutorial how I create it, may need some time to rearrange the steps before post up here, and these days busy of moving house to new campus. Glad to see you here, hope you feel better from your sad time.

Kleio the Muse said...

Thanks *grin* I am much better now. The sky's not as dark and cloudy anymore. Things looking brighter.

Great! You are going to share it here with all. I am sure this upcoming post would get many hits. I have been digging around for one so long already. So frust that I gave up on it already.

I am so excited already :D

hcfoo said...

hey, this template is nice. U mean u draw it on your own? good job man!

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