Tuesday, March 17, 2009

15th day: I understood finally.

Having lunch in HB4, the vegetarian shop.

15th 1
RM3.50, tofu + green vege + spicy potato. Seldom come here to eat.

Spotted this mother and kitten by the stairs side.


I forgot about the notice that, Programming Language Concept was canceled, and went to empty class.... ish.

A rainy afternoon.


Dinner cook at home. I think I have a tongue that won't get bore with what I eat. Spaghetti again. This time with Carbonara sauce + potato slices + 김 (aka 海苔 or seaweed).

15th 3

After dinner was a crazy study spree for tomorrow test. I was freaking tired, can't concentrate, and slept accidentally. When I woke up, shit, Kelvin is looking at me, that freak me out...

Try my best to do few more pages, and slept.




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