Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 22: Ish... my weight.

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I weighted myself on a scale: 43.9kg, must be the scale spoiled... Tried second one, shit, it's really that weight! I dropped 2kg since last time I weighted 2 months ago!

Is it because vegetarian that make my weight dropped, or my terrible down mood recently?

I Google-ed some info about gaining weight for vegetarian. They suggested, vegetarian eater don't just eat vegetable, instead must consume other high calories food like grain, fruit, raisin, beans etc. So I started to have snack in between meals.

Breakfast is 2 pieces of tarts, wafer rolls, raisins, and hot black sesame and cereal drink.

22nd 2
Black tart. Others no photo taken.

Today had mixed rice again for my lunch. 22nd 3
Took 2 pieces of tofu, pumpkin, and vegetable, and peanut soup. Also ordered orange juice.

Dinner with mom. I can only eat onion egg and vegetable, the soup with pork I cannot drink.


I want my weight back!!!

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bobby said...

yo dude! wassup long time no hear fr u
u noe i tot i damn light alr...then i saw ur weight n i gasped!
work hard in gaining those weight back k
i think it has got to do with the stress too...i lost weight while i was in the peak of studying

VHanded Cheepeng said...

bobby: yalo, 4 days very long lo...

You damn light? lying. And you sure your theory of "stress" works?

I am just like a god damn proton car, who consume a lot petrol, even not moving.... haha.

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