Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day 28: First Night Flight.

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This day was Sunday, and also Cheng Beng, the day which Chinese will pray to their ancestors.

Woke up early morning 7am, after some preparation, and arrived at my grand grand father's tomb, then uncle's tomb and grand grand mother's tomb.

It was real freaking hot!!! The whole activity ended at 1:30pm, and I seriously got sunburned.

The Commander.

The hill.

The money with the highest inflation rate.



Lunch was fried noodle with curry long bean.

It looks like worm!!


This is my first night flight in my life. When stepping into the airport, it reminds me the last time I been here, that feeling sucks.


Was not familiar with the counter and location, asked from information counter and got some info.

Some interesting fact I found out during this flight:

- airplane's toilet is using air to suck all the liquid or anything into their sewage.

- the night flight will turn off lights, nice to sleep.

- Airplane corridor has 'Glow in the dark' strips.

haha, so sampat.


Funny thing happned:

While reached LCCT, I get on the shuttle bus to reach KLIA. I don't pay for the ticket, and the ticket guy don't know about it.

"Since my mood not good, I don't pay! Be cheap ass once!"

Until KLIA, I get off, without paying RM1.50.

While buying ticket for KLIA Transit to Putrajaya, I inserted RM6 notes into the machine, but machine was spoiled, and only returned RM1. I can't ask for help, as the counter was closed...

This is karma. I cheated RM1.50, I lost RM5.


Thanks Bobby who fetch me up in Putrajaya Sentral.

2 more days to go.

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casey said...

LOL! Karma explained in a very funny manner. hehehaha

ren zhi said...

haha y now only know about the toilet???
hehehe really karma....

VHanded Cheepeng said...

I have 90 cents of coins innitially.
If I pay for the RM1.50, then I will left 40 cents in my pocket, so I won't have enough coins to buy 100PLUS cost RM1.90 in airport.
So I will have at least 40 cents in my pocket, so the machine won't wait too long while I searching for coins in my messy bag and go into timeout malfunction stage, and I won't lost my money...

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