Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 23: I can't eat, I can't eat, I can't eat.

Morning had a cup of Black Sesame Cereal + biscuit.

Lunch is a plate of Yong Chew Fried Rice. Requested not to add in any meat, but they still add in prawns... So pick them all and gave to grandpa.

23rd 1
My lunch.

I had a snack at 4pm, it's Milo Nugget.

23rd 2
Always remember to consume high calories food, I want back my weight.

Dinner ar, headache one.

Grandpa want me to fetch him to an annual dinner. As you all know, Chinese annual dinner, chicken, fish, pork are must, MUST!!!

7 out of 10 dishes are with meat. So, I just eat those mushrooms, broccoli, eggs, peanuts, and the final dessert. And few cups of Sarsi.

The crowd.

Reached home, quickly get some bread to fill up my stomach.

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