Friday, March 27, 2009

Day 25: I got hair cut.

Continue from previous post.

My breakfast was quite high energy: few pieces of crackers spread with peanut butter, + cereal + chocolate bar + raisin.

Lunch was boring. Same case like yesterday, only little non-meat dishes. I just eat those.


Continue doing my assignment. I spent last whole day to understand and recall back who the hell is Gauss Seidel and their "ultimate" invention -- Gauss Seidel Iteration Method.

So spent a long time coding, to test if my idea is really works. But my logic keep went wrong.

I ended up went to Seberang Perai City to cut hair.


Now feel lighter, but feel so gay...

Before:                              After:
DSC00397 DSC00404

I miss my previous hair, need sometime to get use. (But as usual I think no one notice I just CUTTED my hair)


Dinner was also the same, mostly meat. I don't taking photos for the food, because eating with elder, have to show some respect.


Continue my Parallel Processing Assignment, training my brain to work multiple cores. Until 2am, I just done Jacobi, so I went to sleep, my limit reached.

Good night. Not good to sleep too late~

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