Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 18: So busy.

Today is Thursday. Used to be my favorite day.

Attended Parallel Processing class, but still can't solve the questions. Nevermind, I still holding the key, ganbatte kudasai.

18th 1
Had lunch at the FIT chinese shop. Shit, this is the worst vegetarian food I ever ate in this 30 days! See the bean stout thing on top? It damn terrible! I almost vomit in the first mouth!

Just left it there, yuck!

RM3, if not because my mood quite good today, I will seriously go for a quarrel.

 18th 2
Dinner at home. Cooked noodle, not adding any additional ingredients, plain.

Instant noodle never give me any satisfaction, no matter how much I ate, will soon get hungry, like eating air.

At 10pm, feel like got gastric. Can't find any milk in my kitchen, so made myself a cup of Spirulina Cereal drink.

18th 3
Yum~ Feel better to go on with my assignment and tomorrow lab report~


感觉不错~ (但还是咸鱼一条)

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