Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Vegetarian Update

Day 1: Jia you jia you~

Day 2: Had biscuit and bread as lunch, and vegetable mix rice as dinner. Supper is McD Sundae Cup.

Ice cream consider vegetarian? Heard some ice cream made from milk. But throughout this month, I will just not eat meat. Daily product still in my food list~

Recently, I love ice cream so much. (It makes me feel some satisfaction from recent very very bad mood)

Day 3:

During lunch in mamak stall, only pick vegetable and toufu + soya bean as drink (to replace protein) 

Dinner at Dengkil. Ordered Mixed Vegetable Rice.

Discovery: Wow, I thought only in those organic product testimonial I can see people said they can't eat without meat... In real life, seems like many people are so. 27 Days to do.


Out of title:
Really sad, angry, self-contradiction, all sort of negative feelings. Today worst, I started to talk and do something weird... this is not normal emo...

I spent a lot of money recently, and don't want to count it, just hope that I can exchange something to fill up the sudden giant vacuum in my heart. Travel, Ice-cream, junk food, dye hair, start vegetarian. Just want to feel better and change...

Many people said I look very 'high' and 'drunk', notice myself losing the ability to concentrate and think carefully, mistake pop out so frequent.

Trying to control myself, not being so close. The feeling is like taking drug. I don't know what to do, and who to tell.

Sometimes, quiet, don't want to talk. I don't know the reason to continue my life...

Sorry, I just feel very hard... Forcing myself to do something I not willing to do, is really really suffer... But I had no other way, I had to do it, sorry.

I hate this kind of me. I want to be sunny like last time.

Give me some time, thrust, and support, I will make it.

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