Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 16: I hate Tuesday

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I had a test paper this morning, and no surprise, I can't answer the question.

Had a box of coffee milk during class break. The first time I saw milk with coffee~ I only seen before in <<Proposal Daisakusen>>...


After class, had lunch with Aaron The Black and Ramesh The Milo.

In FCM Cafe. Took 3 types of vegetables, only RM2.50~


For certain reason, I hate Tuesday. It's actually myself's problem, still finding a way to accept it.


Not feel like go home, then just took a big route, walk around in campus. Suddenly saw Eric, and ask him whether he ate dinner yet.

So, I went to SK with him and his cousin.

RM3, as you can see.

Supper time, with Bobby went out to KFC, ordered Sundae Cup. So old school! I never had that for more than 10 years!

During way back home, we imitated the radio's songs, make it real funny (er-hem, can't say it here, later under ISA)




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