Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Time Capsule

I was digging out something from my storage. Suddenly, a few small boxes caught my attention...

The boxes are very familiar, 1 is Nokia 3310 box, another 2 are shoes boxes. Wondering what is in it. I know that the items in the boxes are special, but I hardly remember what is it in there.

I decided to open those boxes, maybe I will discover some lost memories.

This is the key holder that I made during primary school, grandpa scolded me for hanging it on wall, said that keys cannot be accessed by other people easily.

My first camera, a reward for my UPSR by my dad.

My first salary of my life. Not much, only RM75, but it's a compensate after working for 50 hours for my dad.

A secret birthday card by someone I don't know at that time. (which I know finally~)

My first cash prize, from Individual Karate free sparring tournament.

An unordinary meaning on an ordinary mug. Gift from my science teacher.

Finally I found these 3 bugs~

My favorite Doraemon, from Langkawi Underwater World, during age 10, I think. I am one big Doraemon fans, even now~

The pens that I completely finished the inks, during my secondary school time. (I guess a lot people will think I am crazy... but due to my left handed nature, most pens will spoiled after used for few days, so finished the ink is quite a miracle)

Pilot mechanical pencil, given by Chin Chieun. Accompanied me from Form 1 to Form 4, handicapped due to broken tip cap.

I am actually a Nobel prize winner. (In bullshit) This medal is actually a piece of chocolate, stolen by my friend from souvenir counter, while visit to National Science Center in 2003.

I am there, spot me. (Taken during Genting trip in 2001)

Class photo, Form 1. (neh neh~You can't get me~~)

Class photo, Form 2. (maybe this time can find me easily)

Class photo, Form 3. HAHAHAHA.

Class photo, form 4. The look is getting obvious.

Class photo, form 5. The tallest guy in the class is me.

My botak look (after an asshole spoiled my hair!)

Remember this Nestle Digimon Ice-cream cup? The upper part is ice-cream, lower part is mysterious toy.

A rare Doraemon Ang Pao, by an auntie, I forgot. So cute!

This is not me, serious. (But the illustrator said it's me... thanks to a Kelantan friend during National Service)

A game. Stick a piece of paper behind us, and asking each other to write comment of ourselves. Looking at it, I doubt...

Christmas card from someone secret. (which I also found out later)

I am in newspaper~ but the stupid reporter swapped the subtitle of top left picture and top right picture...

I am in newspaper again~ (find the guy wearing like Ah Pek)

My best birthday gift in my life. It's a CD written with few songs, and a prerecorded birthday song sang by someone. Also contain a piece of paper written with 99 "Happy Birthday".

Now you see my photo at different stage... The leftmost photo is me, now go back the previous class photo and find out where am I!

PMR exam schedule. Now come to MMU, exam slip is my schedule.

My first watch. Bought at Kek Lok Si in 2000, RM10, still remember. It accompanied me until 2003, and spoiled...

Doraemon music coin box, from Hong Leong Bank. I remember I feed him everyday, 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents.

In a sudden, all the momories flow back into my mind. I had changed so much in these years, physically, and mentally. From a little kid who holding Doraemon comic book, to a guy who almost mid of his university career.

Time is moving fast, I remember of something that I gave up. Some of the reasons I gave to myself but I can't accept, it's just an excuse that let me feel better.

Life is short, we can only realize it when we look back in time, notice we can't change it at all. People said chances are everywhere, but the same chance will never appear twice.

Appreciate everyone around you, people who care about you, people who loves you, people who give you support physically or mentally, even people who hates you. They are the factors that can change you.


That day in MPH Bookstore, saw a mug with printed wordings:

Be glad of life, because it gives you the chance to love, to work, to play, and to look up at the stars.

This is the life that I looking forward for my entire life, simple.


Now I am trying to pick up something that I gave up without a proper reason. I deserve a chance to try again.

**anyway, I will leave a comment for the answer of where am I in the class photo~

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Che-Cheh said...

Wow nice post. Going down memory lane is always (mostly) sweet ya.

I really cannot find you in the photos la.

From your passport photos... how come you're so chubby during your younger days and then getting thinner and thinner.

VHanded Cheepeng said...

che-cheh: thanks. This is one long post, thanks to finish it.

I will post up my 'coordinates' in those photos, stay tune~

About why getting thinner, I got no idea. I wish I could reverse it.

Erictan7 said...

hahaha!! nice post!! WALAO...
ei we same class b4.. i nearly forget also.. hehe.. sohai lo our looks last time.. lol
walao.. if u dun 1 use the money.. gv me.. keep so long pulak =.=
doraemon fan.. i really didnt knew bout this.. haha

VHanded Cheepeng said...

eric: how can you forgot? Teacher always compare you and me, but you always lose... jkjk

Sohai leh~

The money got meaning, cannot use.

Doraemon is my dream~

ren zhi said...

wow.. u kept all those things...boys also will keep one a...haha
really memorable..money can't buy a..

VHanded Cheepeng said...

Ren Zhi: ..... that comment let me feel like very girlish la... But Now since after that, I never add anything into the box, until few days ago open it up. haha

nice memories...

ren zhi said...

i meant not very girlish la...
just very "nan de" hehehe

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