Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sony Ericsson C905, waited for so long~

Monday, it's a holiday.

I woke up 10am in the morning, and straight online and contacted the seller from lowyat.net, Renee.

Ordered a Sony Ericsson C905 Icy Silver from her, and want it on the same day.

We decided to COD in Mid Valley at 5pm, with Bobby, Kok, Eddy and Karen. Got the phone from her, check contents, IMEI, and originality, then paid.

Got it Got it~~
The packaging box.

Inside the box.

Bunch of manual books and CDs.

Colorful manual book.

Accessories in the package. Earphone, charger, transfer cable, phone strap, and Sony M2 USB Adapter.

(All the above pictures taken with the phone)

Now see the phone~
(xenon flash~)


Like this phone so much, especially is the 8.1MP Cyber-shot camera, Wi-Fi, and GPS. Now I can travel in class~

I had been waiting this phone months since before it release, but always waiting, waiting, and waiting, don't know what am I waiting.

I know new model will come out, cheaper, more advance. Everyone knows. But waiting will just let me lost the chance again and again. Like it, then go for it, don't regret.

(had been calculated, I won't pay fees for this semester)

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萨迦.令狐冲 said...

This is something new to me ^^
I didn't know got such new phone.

casey said...

wow. cool. how much is it?

Erictan7 said...

haram. u change hp faster than u..

VHanded Cheepeng said...

Mr Chong: ha, released since January.

casey: haha, find out yourself. I got it from forum, so cheaper.

eric: what that mean?

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