Friday, March 6, 2009

4th Day

Continue from previous day.

Today lunch at FIT Chinese Stall.

The vegetable and non-meat choices left only little bit, lucky still enough for me~

5th 1

Dinner at SK. The mixed rice stall surprisingly opened at night, so pick some tofu, kimchi vege, and mixed vegetable.

5th 2  
RM3.50 too~

So the total expenditure for food on day 4 is only RM7.

Need to know the right nutrients required:

protein: soy bean, tofu.
carbohydrate: rice, bean.
vitamins: vegetables, preferably raw. Suggest to get from fruit.
Zinc: from supplement, and wheat.
Iron: leaf vegetable, tofu, beans.

From what I see, beans are the best source of nutrients~

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