Friday, March 27, 2009

Day 26: I pwn Gauss and Seidel.

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Same like yesterday, I stay at home.

I getting bored of staying at home, eating the same food. As long as I can said, still 4 days left, and I still hold on my vegetarian promise.

Notice some pimples appeared on my chin, Google it, and found that it may because of toxic in body...(har?) Actually pimples do appear on my chin for quite some time, just last few days it getting active.

I pwn Gauss and Seidel
This morning I continued my Parallel Processing assignment from last night, immediate startup my PC, and cracking my head figuring out better algorithm to solve the Gauss Seidel Method in parallel.

After half an hour, gave up, went for breakfast.

Sometimes, the best solution is when you not intend to get it, it appeared.

While drinking my cereal, I suddenly figured it out, quickly left my breakfast and rushed up to my PC to code it, problem that wasted my 6 hours, suddenly just solve while drinking cereal!

**Tomorrow won't be stay at home.

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