Sunday, March 8, 2009

Day 7: Finding Vege in a Mall.

Went to Alamanda Putrajaya this afternoon with Yen, Wilson, and Jameson. Actually I just want to check out Sony Ericsson C905, and to have a feeling of holding it.

We had lunch over there, at their food court. Now only I realize, it's so hard for vegetarian to find something edible in a mall. So I just ate a plate of mixed rice (again). The price is so damn expensive.

7th 1
Japanese Tofu, Wedges, and broccoli. This plate is RM5.50.


After lunch, went to mobile phone booth to check out my candidate phone, Sony Ericsson C905. I love it! I love it! I love it! Will write more about it after I bought it.


Walked around, play some arcade. Yen easily broke the record of basketball machine.

Time passed fast. It's dinner time~

This time is another challenge: Last time remember went to The Curve with friends, she ordered salad in Kenny Roger Roaster. So I try my luck to see if there is any vegetarian food there.

I am so lucky~ Ordered Roasted Potato with Vegetable topping, + 3 side dishes and a vanilla muffin. Confirmed with the waiter, this meal contain no meat.

7th 2
WoW~ Happy, satisfy~

7th 3
This is the potato, top with salad sauce, and corns. I guess is the time between 2 meals are too close, I had hard time finish my dinner, but still finished it, very full!

RM17.60, tax included.




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