Saturday, March 7, 2009

5th Day

Continue from previous day.

Today morning after class, had breakfast at FCM with Lee.

Erm ... The only food I can eat is roti canai.

Vegetarian roti only have roti kosong, roti planta, and roti pisang.

Ordered roti pisang and roti planta, damn, very oily.

5th 1
Roti pisang, aka Roti Banana.

Banana contain rich vitamins, potassium, and very high fibre and carbohydrate, I feel very full after the meal, can stand till 8pm not feeling hungry, high energy food.


IBM Aptitude Test
Sat for an aptitude test from IBM, may get into IBM for internship. The questions are easy, serious. The problem is time, ha, and I can't finish the paper. Funny, I am laughing myself when I can't answer the question, ha~

Met some familiar faces from Melaka MMU campus, hello~


Skated in Block C car park from 6 to 8pm. Full of energy.

5th 2
Had dinner with Kok at Dengkil. Ordered this vegetarian claypot yeemee. It's only RM5, cheaper than I expected. Ordered soy milk too for proteins.

5th day quite happy.

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