Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 14: So lonely...

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It's another Sunday. A lot people loves weekend, but me... I prefer weekday.

Breakfast at home. 5 spoons of Instant Oat + 1 pack of Milo + half spoon of peppermint (the left over from Cyber-P~)

14th 1

Had lunch at Chinese shop with Bobby. Actually want to cook at home, but most stuff finished.

14th 2
RM3.50, cabbage + potatoes + tofu

The whole afternoon doing Algorithm and analysis report. Trying to understand Dynamic Programming and 1/0 knapsack problem, finally, I don't understand.

The pseudocode is like shit!

14th 3
Dinner time with Kelvin. RM3.50 too. Tomatoes, mixed vege, and tofu again. All meals today is damn suffer, the braces on my teeth is torturing me, freaking pain!

It's raining that time. So long time never walk in a rain, stepping and kicking water like kid.

Today expenses: RM3.50 + RM3.50 = RM7

I am getting good in saving money~


1 more week to mid term break. My roommate only has a class for the week, so he went back Penang 1 week earlier than us, ish... left me in the hall, so lonely.

Jiayou, mid term exams and assignments, come on!

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Leo Raj said...

cudnt help noticing you going through a month long on veggie diet.

good luck with it! its not hard dont worry. I have gone thru mine too sometimes and it was totally cool.

oh, hows your C905? heard there is some software probs on the earlier versions. I've just got myself a C902 last sat. Thank god made the right choice over the E-Series!


VHanded Cheepeng said...

leo raj: yea, someone even go on few years, so a month is not so cool actually.

My C905, just updated the firmware, included Smile Shuttle for camera~

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