Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 27: Earth Hour

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Breakfast was Some kuih.

Actually planned to watch City of Ember with Eric, but that guy was late, and so miracle, the hall has not even 1 ticket sell, so that session was close down.

We end up watched Taken. An excited movie too.

Lunch was at BBQ Chicken. I still manage to get vegetarian in there, hehe.

Thanks to Eric's coupon, my lunch is actually free. But decided to pay half of the total receipt, so is RM12 with drinks.

Dinner was at some hawker stall. Again, mixed rice. Because I got the freedom to choose what I want to eat.

RM4!! Sri Kembangan uncle always charge me RM3 only!

Earth Hour.

The night 8:30 pm, I was having my dinner. That is the darkest night I ever seen.

The road lamp is not fully on, instead in the pattern of 1 on, 1 off, and so on.

Toilet in GSC has only 1 light on. They started that since 12pm.

Most residents in Bukit Mertajam off lights. Quite happy to see that~

Even my grandpa who never care about environment off the lights too.

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