Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day 19: Finding Vege in Mid Valley.

I almost break my record for staying awake for 24 hours! Almost! But too tired, there is still 1 and half hour left from 24 hours.

9am in the morning, went to submit assignment and previous lab report, finally~

Had lunch (or brunch?) at FCM Cafe with Lee. I ordered Roti Boom and Roti Kosong.

Oh, roti boom is wrapping kaya......~

plus limau panas, total RM3.30

Wai Loon 'begged' me to go Mid Valley with him. He was 'threatened' to fetch 3 girls for shopping.

Girls really shoppers... I just can't follow their style.

They can talk about a Mascara for the whole day, and even listed out the things-to-buy, they still can't buy it.

Had dinner at Kim Gary, ordered Cheesy Mushroom something... don't know, I just know it's vegetarian.

This is how it looks like.

Mushroom, 竹笋, cheese. Yummy~

Total is RM14 include drinks.

Not counting total expenses, too much small fraction to count.


I am getting well. Thanks.

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1 comment:

wai luen said...

HUH? I wasn't threatened la...haha, but thanks for coming along hehe

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