Monday, March 23, 2009

Day 21: Hard hard hard....

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My brother told me we're going to breakfast, but magically, we ended up at Tukun Hill. They all walked up the hill, me, who wearing jeans, rather stay under the hill with my grandpa... Is my ears got problem or my brother's mouth got problem?

Love natural, trees~

Took out C905 and snapping around.



Bought 5 pieces of "Ban Chang Kuih", eating with grandpa.

I never find this kind of food in Cyberjaya, never.


When everyone came down, we skipped breakfast to lunch. My lunch is vegetarian spaghetti and an egg.


Tea Leaf Egg~ (correct translation? Don't care)

Mini waterfall.

The king of Tukun Hill.


I didn't took dinner photo, because there are too many people around the table picking the food. From 6 or 7 dishes on the table, I can only take egg, tofu, and meatless soup. Hardly find vege in my family...

So hard to be vegetarian when back in Penang!!!

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Erictan7 said...

back in penang? lets hang out this weekend man!!!

VHanded Cheepeng said...

eric: yeah~ let's go out! But must be somewhere vegetarian, ha.

Riku2replica said...

It's actually herbal egg. But since u don't mind to call it 'tea egg'. I'll just leave the naming alone. Haha.

casey said...

Herbal egg yes, has been selling it in school this few days. =)
You know, the herbal eggs seller is actually family members of teacher Ang from CLB. Hehe

VHanded Cheepeng said...

riku: haha, now I know.

casey: yayaya, but that time I finding and finding, can't see her around. haha.

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